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Prescription Renewal Information

Appropriate prescriptions are essential to your health and wellness. Ensure you never run out or have a lapse in medication by requesting your renewals 1-2 weeks prior to needing them. And update the office if your pharmacy preferences change.

Regular Prescription Renewals

Ask your pharmacy to send a Renewal Request to our office. This is the most efficient way for Dr. van As to refill your prescriptions.

Prescriptions are not renewed by telephone and most do not require an appointment. There are some exceptions and if an appointment is required, the office will call you to book.

Opioid Prescription Renewals

Opioid prescriptions require an in office visit each time to renew. Long term prescriptions are renewed most often at a 3-month interval and dispensed by your pharmacy every month.

It is your responsibility to book your opioid renewal appointment so to make sure you don't get stuck without medication, we recommend booking your next visit before you leave.

Expired Prescriptions

If you're requesting a prescription that you have not used in a few months or has expired, it is best to contact the office to discuss prior to requesting the renewal through your pharmacy.

These may be an exception and require an appointment to renew.