Dr. Nicolaas van As, Family Practice

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F: 519 491 5272  

Don't forget

Appointment Notices

The office requires 24 hours notice to cancel any appointments.
Failing to do so will result in a fee, to be paid prior to another appointment being booked.
No Show appointments will also incur a fee, to be paid prior to rebooking.

Patient Responsibilities

Patient are responsible to have all required testing done prior to appointment. If this isn't done, it will delay treatment / care

Please come ready for your appointment. Appointments have specific time frames. This allows for the office to maximize use of booking times and accommodate as many patients as we can.  

Same Day Appointments

The office may have same day appointments available. These are for acute issues that can be seen and treated that same day. 

Office Staff will triage each call to determine if concern is  appropriate for same day. 

If we cant accommodate, Rapids Access to Care Centre can assist.

How Appointments Run

Appointments are book for specific time slots, with specific time frames. Your appointment is booked for that specific issue and if time allows, you can discuss another concern. 

Please be considerate for others and their time frames. Running over your time will cause another appointment to be late and this causes a ripple effect through the day. 

We appreciate your Co Operation for this matter. 


Prior to your appointment, Please ensure you have completed all the required and requested lab work, imaging, paperwork, ect. Appointments may be rescheduled and you may be charged for a missed visit.
Arrive At Your Scheduled Time

You will be given a grace period of 10 mins. At that point, your appointment will be marked as a "NO Show" and a fee will apply.

Time Frame

Appointments are book for specific issues and are allotted 15 - 20 mins max (although not all appointments require this long)  Please be respectful of this as others will be delayed and this is unfair to them.

Respiratory Symptoms

If you have cough, fever, runny nose, unusual Shortness of Breath -

Please do not come to the office.

You will be ask to leave and rebook at a later time

telephone appointments
Where appropriate, telephone calls offer a convenient follow-up option.

Call Times

Telephone calls are booked throughout the day. 

No specific time will be given. If you book a call, please be available.

After 2 tries of the numbers provided, you will be marked as a No Show and a fee may apply

Call Length

Call are booked for specific reasons, usually follow up of issues already discussed and are short (5 - 7 mins)

If you have other issues, please call the office and we can schedule a longer in office appointment for you

Discussion of family member issues, during this time, are also not appropriate.

Virtual Appointments

Safe. Secure. Convenient.

Check In

Check in about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Ensure you are somewhere with a good internet connection and privacy.

Virtual Face to Face

You and Dr. van As can see and speak to each other to address your concerns with your privacy and security in mind.

Follow Up

At the end of your appointment, Dr van As will inform you if additional testing will be needed or forms need to be filled out. 

This can be collected in office and further instructions will be given then. 

We will not email, fax or Regular mail any forms so please make arrangements to come fetch them. 

Mutual Respect is the cornerstone to a successful Doctor / patient therapictic relationship

This office Adheres to a Zero Tolerance Policy

Abusive Behaviors of any kind cannot and will not be tolerated.  

Failure to Adhere to this Policy may result in one of the following:

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Written Warning

  3. Dismissal from the Practice. 

Have a concern?

We appreciate Feedback whether its positive or suggestions on how to make improvements.  

We ask that you inform the office Nurses or Dr van As in a timely and respectful manner so the Concerns can be handled in the most appropriate manner.

By working together, we can and will create an atmosphere that benefits everyone 

 We value each and every patient in this Practice