Dr. Nicolaas van As, Family Physician

T: 519 813 9196
F: 519 491 5272  

Don't forget

Appointment Reminder Notices

First reminder is sent out at the time of booking. Second is sent 48 hours prior. We know how busy life is so we'll send you one more 2 hours before your appointment so you don't forget.
The office requires 24 hours notice to cancel any appointments. Failing to do so will result in a fee being charged to your file which is required to be paid by cash or credit prior to any rebooking.

Text Reminders

Your reminder at your finger tips. Don't worry, we'll never spam you!

Email Reminders

Don't have a cell phone? No problem! You'll get all the same information in an email! In fact, our emails are a bit more thorough so we recommend checking them out too!

Errors Happen

We send a reminder at the time of booking so if you do not get one, OR if it is incorrect, please contact the office right away so we can make sure you get the info you need.

In Office Appointments

Coming to see us?

Prior to every in office appointment you will be required to complete the COVID-19 Screener located outside the office door. If you have ANY COVID-19 or upper respiratory symptoms DO NOT come to the office. Please call the office for further instructions.
Arrive At Your Scheduled Time

If you arrive early you will be asked to wait in your car to maintain COVID-19 precautions.

COVID-19 Screener

After completing the COVID-19 screener outside the door, please present it to the staff at the reception window.

Wear Your Mask

Please wear a mask and sanitize your hands upon arrival.

telephone appointments

What's your number?

Where appropriate, telephone calls offer a convenient follow-up option.

Book your time frame!

Telephone calls are booked between patients and as such are not booked for a specific time. You will be advised if it is booked for the morning or afternoon.

Missed the call?

If you miss the phone call from Dr. van As simply telephone the office back and we will make arrangements.

Virtual Appointments

Safe. Secure. Convenient.

Check In

Check in about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Ensure you are somewhere with a good internet connection and privacy.

Virtual Face to Face

You and Dr. van As can see and speak to each other to address your concerns with your privacy and security in mind.

Follow Up

Lab work? Forms to complete? Documents will either be emailed through a secure portal or mailed to you.

Doxy.me Instructions

The Provider Room is sent via your appointment reminder email/text.