Dr. Nicolaas van As, Family Physician

T: 519 813 9196
F: 519 491 5272  

Applications Closed

Please be advised Dr. van As is NO LONGER accepting new patients

For applications received prior to September 1st, they will be processed as usual

Step 1 - Apply

Currently holding a waitlist and not actively accepting patients.

Submit an application in person, by fax at 519-491-5272, or by email at noreplyvanas@protonmail.com to be added to our waitlist.

Step 2 - Notice of Receipt

We Got It!

Once reviewed, your application will be inputted into the electronic medical records system. At that time you will receive a call to book your initial interview. This does not guarantee acceptance into the practice. Please do not call to follow up on the status of applications. All applications move through a system and once inputted you will be contacted.

Step 3 - Initial Interview

Let's Meet!

The final step to be accepted into the practice is to have your initial interview. Office staff will telephone you to book a 15-20 minute virtual meeting between you and Dr. van As to go over the practice details, your brief health status, and over all, for you both to decide if this will be a good patient-doctor relationship. Once accepted, you're part of the team!